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V4W.ENKO is about generative music and algorithmic visual compositions in real time. Focused in the fields of "sustain and poly rhythmic structures", "pure noise generators" and "harmonic frequency". Mostly using MAX/MSP software. Started at 2007. In 2011 the audio/visual CD album "Harmonic Ratio" by V4W.ENKO was nominated to "Qwartz Awards" (under direction by Alva Noto and Matali Crasset) in "Discovery" category. Since 2009 participated and performed in a number of media festivals such as FIBER, Ars Electronica, CynetArt, Mutek, Kvitnu, NextSound and other festivals. Have released solo works in some labels like Kvitnu, Electroton, Nexsound, JNN, FF`Space, DigitalBiotope etc. V4W.ENKO creates sound and visual compositions based on custom applications developped with Max/Msp/Jitter,- a visual coding tool used to create interactive visuals, installations and complex interactive environments.


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