2015 ­ 4 days residency, Installation, Speach, Liveshow “Scalar v. 002” The artist creates a space during the "Inwestycja w Kulture - PL-BY-UA" conference at the Centere of Culture ­ (Lublin, PL)
2014 ­ 4 days residency, Installation “In[ter]sect” The artist creates a space as a minds dream. at IMA ­ (Hainburg, AT)
2014 ­ grant from Politechnic museum in Moskow VDNH pavilion, to develop algorithms for audio visual immersive installation, 1 week residency in VDNH museum (Moskow RU)
2013 ­ comission recieved from Fiber Foundation to create audio/visuall interaactive application "Scalar v.001" (Amsterdam, NL)
2011 ­ the audio/visual CD album “Harmonic Ratio”(2009) was nominated in the “Discovery” category at the “Qwartz 7 Awards” (under jury of Alva Noto and Matali Crasset) [Paris, FR]
2011 ­ Yota Space and AV:in competition. First two places for the motiongraphic works SMUCH and MASS_Ins In collaboration project of Evgeniy Vashchenko and Evgeniy Pilinsky. [Sankt Petersburg RU]
2011 ­ grant recieve from i3 Foundation (Kyiv Ukraine) to realise audiovisual 10 screen installation “Fluxtank” later exibited in CYNETART (DE) and MUTEK (Montreal,CA)
2011 ­ support recieve from Polish Institute in Kyiv. Project was initiated due to Polish Presidency of the EU Council to develop a sound composition of reconstruction of Karol Szymanowski music (Kyiv UA)
2011 ­ grant recieve from Prohelvetia to participate in artistic residency with serrie of concerts in collab with D`incise “SwitzerlAndUkraine” (Gneve, Bern, CH)

2016 - v4w.enko - Algorithmic concept improvind. Real time orchestra algorythm. @ PLIVKA
2016 - v4w.enko - Video live @ Plivka
2016 - v4w.enko - live @ FF'Space Focus 006: Real Time Sychronization. Coherent Lasers.
2016 - v4w.enko - collab av performance - installation UNV4, together with Ujif_Notfound and BLCK BOX, Plivka, (Kyiv, UA)
2016 - v4w.enko - workshop. Jitter approaches in OpenGL with cycling74 based software. /BLCK BOX programm with U-NOTFOUND and Kyo Yanagi [SANMI]/ (Kyiv, UA)
2016 - v4w.enko - A/V live. performance @ FF`Space Focus: SCALE - SOUND IN NANOMETERS! /hosting FF`SPACE SHOWCASE in PLIVKA location/ (Kyiv, UA)
2016 - v4w.enko - Scalar v002. Exhibition together with Maxim Parokonny drawings /opening a new art space of Soestetics Group architects/ (Kyiv, UA)
2016 - v4w.enko - A/V live. performance @ Kaleydoskopie: Mirrorland open air /experimental scene/ (near Kyiv, UA)
2016 - v4w.enko - A/V live. performance @ ATOM Festival / (Jitomir, UA)
2016 - v4w.enko - audio idm-set in EFIR / Nox Sonus (Kyiv, UA)
2016 - v4w.enko A/V live @ SENSIMO Festival / (Kyiv, UA)
2016 - v4w.enko - "duo quad" Audio/Visual performance and idm-set @ PLIVKA / Immersion evening (Kyiv, UA)
2016 - Scalar v.002.3 [planetarium version] Audio/Visual performance in Planetarium based on Interactive application Scalar v.002 (Kyiv, UA)

2015 - "Scalar v.002.2" [Immersive / multi screen] solo exibition at Centre of Culture for "Inwestycja w Kulture" conference (Lublin, PL)
2015 - "Scalar v.002" Audio/Visual live-show (Lublin, PL)
2015 - "SCALAR v.002.2" [Immersive / multi screen] - solo exibition / 2 days * 3 spaces installations based on interactive audio visual application / the media transforms the space with different types of algorhthmic interactive media / M_G gallery (Kyiv, UA)
2015 - “int |e| rpr (e)-t at [ion] ^streams” [audio /visual + interactive object] installation at the NEXTSOUND festival (Kyiv, UA)
2015 - algorithmic music live-show in collaboration with Ujif_Notfound - "UNV4" project during SIXTEENPLUS Fstival (Kyiv, UA)
2015 - "SCALAR v.002" installation @Bunkermuz gallery (Lviv, UA)
2015 - visual installation with Sensimo Catlist collaboration @XPOM SHOP / gallery / openning (Kiev, UA)
2015 - music performance at “CANaction - 99% Complete” to close the simposium of architecture in Art-claster "Vydubichi" (Kiev, UA)
2015 - an algorithmic electroacoustic music live set at EM-VISIA -10 Festival (Kyiv, UA)
2015 – Open Air music/visual performance at forest for “Kaleydoskopye” festival "10years of Psy Quest" on Experimental Spheric stage(Kyiv Sea,UA)
2015 - music performance at “CUBE CATALYST / SENSIMO FESTIVAL” in Small Opera House (Kiev, UA)
2015 - "Scalar v.001" FRAMED Exhibition at FIBER Festival (Amsterdam, NL)

2014 - Audiovisual performance, visual immersive app “scalar” presentation at FFSPACE SHOWCASE (Tokyo, JP)
2014 - "Scalar v.002" 3 days Installation by v4w.enko at the Nextsound festival (Kyiv, UA)
2014 - participating “Quark” project at farmacia901. (Roseto, IT)
2014 - a/v performance at ECHO | experimental electronic at Efir (Kyiv, UA)
2014 - "Y:E:T" [v4w.enko and sanmi] presented by sanmi in (Tokyo, JP).
2014 - a/v interactive installation at biosphere project, Politechnic Museum (Moskow, RU)
2014 - music performance at “Glitchwein” Cinema Club (Kiev, UA)
2014 - A/VISUAL Installation “In[ter]sect / The artist creates a space as a minds dream" at IMA (Hainburg, AT)
2014 - Exposition sound for exibition of Eugeniy Svitlichniy artworks (Kharkiw, UA)
2014 - exhibition of visual parametric phisical sculpture Object at Alliance 22 | Forum 2014, M17 Museum (Kyiv, UA)

2013 - visual immersive application “SCALAR” by v4w.enko at Coded Matter(s) (Amsterdam, NL)
2013 - Intimate Spaces 13 IMA Institute of Media Archeology Workshop and Discurs (Hainburg, AT)
2013 - flux of information ­ the livecode session by v4w.enko [EFIR] (Kyiv, UA)
2013 - quadrophonic a/v performance QUADROPHONICA (Kyiv, UA)
2013 - Iony [fragments of membranes] exhibition of parametric sculpture @ Bulgakov Museum (Kyiv, UA)
2013 - electroakustika festival at Efir (Kyiv, UA)
2013 - interactive visual and sounddesign installation in collab with Mathrioshka Sphæræ at Ars Electronica (Linz, AT)
2013 - sound performance at Kaleydoskopie:refresh in forest of Kiev`s Sea (Kyiv, UA)
2013 - NextSound Festival ­ Audio Visual live "In Formation" by V4W.ENKO (Kyiv, UA)
2013 - A Sounddesign for interative art installation at TROYKA MULTISPACE dedicated to Quayola exp(Moskow, RU)
2013 - Audiovisual live at Next Sound festival, (Kyiv, UA)
2013 – Installation of algorithmic sculpture “Fragments of membranes” (concrete) Museum of Bulgakov (Kyiv, UA)
2013 – Exposition of digital canvas at DESIGn FORUM in EXPOPLAZA (Kyiv, UA)
2013 – Lecture about Algorithmic approaches in abstract composition at GENERATION 2013 festival (Kyiv, UA)

2012 – Live Media Installation “Sruct” in cooperation with Mathrioshka collective (Moskow, RU)
2012 – Presentation of Media Composition “Fluxtank” inside CINE CHAMBER and TMA at MUTEK (Montreal,CA)
2012 – Media installation “Sruct” in collaboration with Mathrioshka (Moskow, RU)
2012 – Organizer of workshop “Fast Approaches in Algorithmical Sound” for FIBER festival (Amsterdam, NL)
2012 – Audio/visual live performance at Fiber festival (Amsterdam, NL)

2011 – Quadrophonic sound live performance at festival CYNETART (DE)
2011 – 10*screen compositon “Fluxtank” in collab with Andrey Kiritchenko at CineChamber CYNETART (DE)
2011 – Serries of live concerts in collab with D`incise “SwitzerlAndUkraine” (Gneve, Bern, CH)
2011 - Insubordination Meta Orchestra performance (Bern, CH)
2011 – Quadrophonic audiovisual concert for “Hoerbar & B-movie” (Hamburg, DE)
2011 – Participation in “Qwartz Award” ceremony as mentioned artist in “Discowery” categpry (Paris, FR)
2011 – 3*screen audiovisual installation for one night event of “Kvitnu” (Kyiv,UA)
2011 – Musical composition for “Interpritation of Szymanowski Composer Project” (PL)

2010 – Audiovisual works exposition at “KulturnoUmjetnickiLaboratorij” (CR)
2010 – 16 channel audiovisual concert at “Gogolfest” festival (Kyiv,UA)
2010 – Audiovisual concert for “Alt+E Fest” under “StoyKtoidyot” (Moskow, RU)

2009 – Audiovisual performance for “Muzika + Ultra” (Kyiv,UA)
2009 – Sound performance at “Na Perehresti Muziki ta Jivopisu at Kyiv Akademy of Music” (Kyiv,UA)
2009 – lections “Max/Msp/jitter and generative approach” (Kyiv,UA)
2009 – Audio performance at “Poetronika” festival (Moskow, RU)
2009 – Harmonic Ratio – sound and visual sign release at Kvitnu (UA)
2009 – Sound performance at forest for “Kaleydoskopye” festival (Kyiv Sea,UA)
2009 – Musical concert at “PAN SONIC at Kvitnu_live” (Kyiv,UA)

2008 – Audiovisual concert “Urbanoskop” (Kyiv,UA)
2008 – Musical concert “KVITVECHIR” (Kyiv,UA)
2008 - Musical concert "Kvitnu Fest : Detali Zvuku" (Kyiv,UA)

2007 – “8 Hertz” – a serrie of experimental abstract algorhythmic sound live-performance (Kharkiw, Kyiv, UA)