Y:e:t [v4w.enko And Sanmi]  – Extension Clear


Digital, single, album, 1*file, longplay;
February 1st, 2013;
Glitch, Minimal, Noise, Experimental, Generative, Algorithmic, Composition;

Y:e:t [v4w.enko And Sanmi] - "Extension Clear"


One track 35minute album. This time, Y:E:T modified the performance data in April 2012 at Tokyo on the theme of “Extension”. Like wave lapping of ocean invite to meditative state and presentiment. The sounds are reminiscent of the particles, we will gradually increase the ability to concentrate. We noted that information given to extend the perception of a real environment, by giving supplementary information, Y:E:T presented the new reality.
Extension Clear is the next segment of time which is wrapped into the sound of Y:E:T. During the process of perception of the sound pieces the time is moving from the start point of the sound to the end through the two paths simultaneous, in which first path is just the physical duration of the piece but the second one is the duration of some perception of it. Until the physical duration is fixed, another one is unknown as well as units of dimension are not detected. Only known the fact of successful extend of the first point to the final point which is extended clear.



Music: v4w.enko and sanmi [Y:E:T]
Mixed: v4w.enko and sanmi [Y:E:T]
Artwork image: sanmi
Artwork titles: v4w.enko

(c) 2013 Y:E:T



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