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07 Sep 2010;
Abstract, Noise, Minimal, Experimental, Generative;

v4w.enko - "CVXD+E"


"It is some foreshortening of perception wich can look like a specification of main named layers that can be used to create an algorithmic composition. Sequence of sounds can make a structure. Whole structure can be analyzed. If sequence is transformed in time, analyzing can find main active layers of transformations. Layers: circular; variation; X (unknown); deconstruction; +esthetics (this one is not a layer. It is necessarily different foreshortening) - Specifications:
"C" Circular is a basic geometric shape. Circular journey, an excursion in which the final destination is the same as the starting point. Circular permutation, a permutation built from one or more sets of elements in cyclic order.
"V" Variation is a formal technique where material is repeated in an altered form. The changes may involve any combination of rules. Variation is modifications made to a process by a processor.
"X" X, x is the letter of the Latin alphabet. Is pronounsed like «ecs». Letter "X" is often used to specify unknown value or unknown object ( in mathematic, literature, conversation). X is the popular symbol of unfound variable whose value is equal to expression which has a varying degrees of complexity
"D" Deconstruction is an approach. It is characterized by ideas of manipulating of structure`s elements. In this process one ore several elements of the structure can be distorted or dislocated. The finished structure is characterized by a stimulating unpredictability and a controlled chaos.
+"E" Esthetics (also spelled aesthetics) is a foreshortening of perception dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste, and with the creation and appreciation of beauty."



Music: v4w.enko
Artwork:  Caba Kosmotesto

(c) 2010



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