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#TOT**   "Air Shifting" / Chapter 3 / by v4w.enko  

Various – ONE THOUSAND SHEAVES OF WIND   (p) 2015  
Genre: Electronic; Style: Experimental; Format: CASSETTE - CS40
CS 40 in custom wooden box; Side A: Chapter 1: Arturas Bumsteinas; Chapter 2: soap; Chapter 3: v4w.enko. Side B: Chapter 4: Edward Sol; Chapter 5: Alex Vorodeyev; Chapter 6: Riasni Drova. Artwork by Empty House. Compiled by Edward Sol. Made in Ukraine. 2015. Numbered edition of 30
Total compilation Length: 6 × tracks by various artists
Label: ~taqueOT (Ukraine)
KM001   "Grid-Matrixx-2d-track" by v4w.enko  

Various Artists - Construction   (p) 2015  
Genre: Electronic; Style: Experimental; Format; IDM; Ambient.
Alla Zagaykevych - VOICE-WAY; Gamardah Fungus - Immortality; Jacek Sienkiewicz - 51HDA9+darkstar_cccccc_MYT_LAST_05; Ostudinov - Yulipci; Rayz - Memory monument3; Roman Slavka - Track03fade_m; Sport and Music - Réflexez (14 mix); Subforms - Light Sleep v2; Submatukana - The Rise Of Two Full Moons; Ujif_Notfound - ALGORITHM754; V4W.enko - Grid-Matrixx-2d-track; Vualitron - Dbmhwk_Scrumfunk; Zelenshum - Teeth; ZSUF - Chornyy_Bong
Total compilation Length: 6 × tracks by various artists
Label: Kultura Medialna (Ukraine)
Q05   "Mind Crack Between L and R" by Y:E:T (v4w.enko and sanmi)  

Various – Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? – Q05   (p) 2014  
Genre: Electronic; Style: Experimental; Format: File, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Compilation
"Art does not reproduce what is visible, it makes things visible" Paul Klee. Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? is a media project born with the specific intent of exploring the possible inter-relationship between sound and the invisible, strictly related to science and physics. It relies on monthly digital releases and a MaxMSP custom software called Cconfin, inspired by elementary particles interactions and a physical phenomenon known as Colour Confinement. The software allows the artists and musicians involved to seek and discover their own vision of the invisible through sound by treating and processing audio files via custom algorithms. Presented as a collection of digital graphic cards and heterogeneous sound art pieces, the research aims to find a deep connection as close as possible to the boundary of knowledge. An attempt at quantum sound in a not-visible yet perceptible world. Cconfin Software – Ennio Mazzon; Design Concept – Fabio Perletta.
Total compilation Length: 4 × tracks by various artists
Label: Farmacia901 (Italy)
EPV_155   "More Intellectual for Cosmic Inflation" by Y:E:T (v4w.enko and sanmi)  

Various – VOLTAGE CIRCLE   (p) 2014  
Genre: Electronic; Style: Experimental; Format: Digital File, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Compilation
EPV 4th Anniv. - 2nd stage - ? bonus item wallpaper (for iPhone5 & iMac & MacBook Pro ) , video (Sya by Violeta Päivänkakkara / MP4 file) - cover photo by fkhr
Total compilation Length: 16 × tracks by various artists
Label: Elementperspective (Japan)
001   "2011-1-44-700" by v4w.enko + d'incise  

Various - Le Belvédère Électronique   (p) 2013  
Genre: Electronic; Style: IDM, Experimental, Techno; Format: Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition of 100
Limited edition (100) blue, ferro, hand-numbered cassette tape in a cardboard sleeve designed by Billy Ben. Includes unlimited streaming of Le Belvédère Électronique via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
Total compilation Length: 8 × tracks by various artists
Label: Splendini Tapes (Switzerland)
Issue 355   "221 PT2" by v4w.enko  

Various – Below The Radar Special Edition: Zikro - Advanced Music From Ukraine   (p) 2013  
Genre: Electronic; Style: Minimal, Abstract, Free Improvisation, Experimental
An anthology of new electronic and experimental music from the Ukrainian underground, compiled for The Wire by Andrey Kiritchenko, founder of the Kiev based Nexsound label. Featuring Alla Zagaykevych, Andrey Kiritchenko, Edward Sol, Heinali, Trianov Maxim, Alexey Konopelko, Dmytro Nikolaienko, Riasni Drova Consort, Ujif_notfound, V4W.ENKO, WBBB and Yuri Lugovskoy.
Total compilation Length: 12 × tracks by various artists
Label: Wire Magazine (United Kingdom)
OVLP   "Tiger Flower Circle Sun (V4W.Enko Remix)" by V4W.Enko / Christopher Willits  

Willits - Tiger Flower Circle Sun - Remixes   (p) 2012  
"Tiger Flower Circle Sun - Remixes" is a collection of remixed Christopher Willits recordings by both new and accomplished artists. This album is the result of a public remix project initiated by Willits with the help of SoundCloud, Ableton, Creative Commons and Ghostly International. Willits shared 121 recordings used to create the album "Tiger Flower Circle Sun", encouraging everyone to "have fun and create what you love with the sounds". You can find more about this really interesting community project on Willits' site.
Total compilation Length: 50 × tracks by various artists
Hz-VA002   "Heartbeat Ghost" by Y:E:T (v4w.enko and sanmi)  

V.A. “amorphous”   (p) 2012  
Artist : V.A.Title : amorphous; Curation by Hz-records; Masterd by Pakchee Artwork by Yu Kushima; web by Ayumi Watari(ARK TYP); Cat No: Hz-VA002 Format : MP3, 320kbps, 149MB Released : 08 NOV 2012
Label: HZ-Records (Japan)
ed.7   "Shape Distance" by v4w.enko  

Various – Qwartz 7   (p) 2011  
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop; Style: Leftfield, Musique Concrète, Acid, Free Improvisation, Power Electronics, House, Abstract, Drone, Darkwave, Rhythmic Noise, Glitch, Techno, Minimal, Tech House, Ambient, IDM, Electro, Drum n Bass, Synth-pop, Experimental, Breaks
Comes in a digipak. Includes nominated tracks for the categories "Album", "Experimentation/Research", "Discovery", "Track" and "Dancefloor" categories of the 7th Qwartz Electronic Music Awards. Given away to visitors of the opening ceremony on April 1, 2011. Artwork [Artistic And Realisation] – Almaz; Design – Philippe Druillet; Design [Graphic Design] – Joran Lafleuriel; © qwartz 2011.
Total compilation Length: 3 × CDs; tracks by various artists
Label: TRAD.D (France)
KVITNU 18   "Variations Opus 3 – Coda" by v4w.enko  

Various – Myths & Masks Of Karol Szymanowski Music By Ukrainian Sound Artists   (p) 2011  
Genre: Classical, Electronic; Style: Leftfield, Noise, Abstract, Contemporary, Glitch, IDM, Downtempo, Experimental
Eight Ukrainian sound artists were offered to represent their vision of Karol Szymanowski music, life and ideas in a free form of the musical implementation. This CD is a collaboration project between Kvitnu and Polish Institute in Kyiv. Project was initiated due to Polish Presidency of the EU Council in 2011. Curated and produced by Dmytro Fedorenko. Audio disc is packed in a special cardboard sleeve with 12 pages booklet describing each artist track's concept, with artist's photo and short biography. Main part of CD's were produced for distribution via Polish Institute channels. Some amount is given away for free via Kvitnu web site together with regular CD orders. Limited edition of 1000 copies. Not for sale.
Total compilation Length: 8 × tracks by various artists, CD
Label: Kvitnu (Ukraine)
DSX002   "Opus28" by v4w.enko  

Various - Shift - Sound Of Cynetart 2011   (p) 2011  
Format: CDr, Compilation, Promo, Black Matrix; Genre: Electronic; Style: Glitch, Abstract, IDM, Experimental, AmbientCompiled By – Parmon; Concept By – Thomas Dumke; Mastered By – Trans Alp
Total compilation Length: 12 × tracks by various artists, CDr
Label: (Germany)
[S27-043]   "Rthmlineweanimoise" by v4w.enko  

Various – We Are One   (p) 2010  
To celebrate the first year as a label, Section 27 - with the help of 51 artists both on the S27 roster and friends of the label - put together this mighty fine compilation that spans a very broad pallette of electronic sounds. Clocking in at 270 minutes, this is a gift to thank all who have supported label along the way. Country: UK; Genre: Electronic; Style: Leftfield, Techno, Abstract, Glitch, IDM, Dubstep, Minimal, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Downtempo, Experimental, Breakbeat
Total compilation Length: 51 × tracks by various artists, MP3
Label: Section 27 (United Kingdom)
KVITNU 9   "Mince_t4__b+_" Remix – v4w.enko  

Kotra – Revolt   (p) 2010  
Prime explosion of sprightly elements from different times in combination with bizarre oscillations from friendly alchemists.. Something from the past and something from the present. Independence in variety, light's inside. This is 8th solo work of Kotra. 10 original tracks with five remixes from Zavoloka, Dunaewsky69, Sturqen, v4w.enko and Pomassl. Design – Zavoloka
Total compilation Length: 10 × tracks by Kotra; 5 × remixes by various artists, CD
Label: Kvitnu (Ukraine)
FN_16   "Concrete Air" by v4w.enko  

Various - Fusion Compilation Summer   (p) 2010  
Format: 22 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps; Country: Russia; Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Reggae; Style: Abstract, IDM.
Total compilation Length: 22 × tracks by various artists, MP3
Label: Fusion Netlabel (Russia)
JNN100   "Intergrses" by v4w.enko  

Various - No-R-Mal II   (p) 2010  
At long last; the successor of no-r-mal the first edition. Almost a year later down the line, but highly improved and filled with more goodies. Started on April 25th. 71 artists, 71 tracks have turned into a 6 CD compilation album making for over 7 hours of listening pleasure. Neatly organized into 6 different atmospheres: Warm voices, Dark places, Strange paces, Ca-dance, Art sounds and Outta here.
Total compilation Length: 71 × File, MP3
Label: Just Not Normal (Netherlands)
nx2010-07   "Ddg 5-14" by .at/on + v4w.enko  

Various - [nx2010-07]   (p) 2010  
Creative Commons Experimental Electronic Music In July 2010. Compiled By – Miquel Parera Jaques
Total compilation Length: 12 tracks.
Label: Computer Music Neix (Spain)
NNTS06   "Dot After Intelection" by V4W.ENKO  

Various - The Best Of NTNS Radio - JanFebMar 2009   (p) 2009  
Sixth in this epic collection that presents the best of netlabel experimentalism. All tracks are taken from albums that have been released in the period JanFebMar 2009 and have been featured on the weekly NTNS radio show.
Total compilation Length: over 5hours/4CDs / 61 tracks by various artists.
Label: Not The Normal Shit Radio (Netherlands)
[SBWS001]   "White And Blue On Grey +" by V4W.ENKO  

Various - Subwise V/A 001   (p) 2009  
First "Subwise" compilation directed to join some curent artists of postsoviet space to the scope of Genre: idm; glitch; noise; electronica; triphop; downtempo; experimental; ambient.
Total compilation Length: 70 min / 17 tracks by various artists.
Label: SUBWISE (Russia)
[SBWS001]   "DFXelementB" by V4W.ENKO  

Various - Subwise V/A 001 / Digital   (p) 2009  
First "Subwise" compilation directed to join some curent artists of postsoviet space to the scope of Genre: idm; glitch; noise; electronica; triphop; downtempo; experimental; ambient.
Total compilation Length: 70 min / 17 tracks by various artists.
Label: SUBWISE (Russia)
VT15   "snd______2" by V4W.ENKO  

Various - Vague Terrain - 15. STRIATED SPACE   (p) 2009  
Vague Terrain was a web based digital arts publication that showcases the creative practice of a variety of artists, musicians and scholars. The project applied the focus and methodologies of academic and art journals and the tenacity and specificity of independent record labels to examine contemporary digital culture in an immediate and accessible manner. Content consisted of curated visual, audio and written works, and now a companion blog. For better and worse this project was neither peer reviewed nor funded. Compilation Submitted by Kim Cascone.
Total compilation Length: 24 * tracks by various artists.
Label: Vague Terrain / .microsound
JNN040   "Dot Compound" by V4W.ENKO  

Various ?– The World Is Just Not Normal Part 2   (p) 2009  
a 55 minute 13 track retrospective megamix of all previous JNN releases.
Total compilation Length: 14 tracks - 55.55 minutes - one mix by various artists.
Label: Just Not Normal (Netherlands)
JNN050   "Tremolo Grid Ortogonal" by V4W.ENKO  

Various - No-R-Mal   (p) 2009  
Celebrating the 50th release on JNN I've invited some of the best (netlabel)artists from around the globe to join this massive compilationalbum. In total 52 artists joined to create the finest in what is available in experimental music these days. Much of what you hear is unreleased work with the exception of a handful. These tracks have been carefully mastered and put together to present to you a 4 CD epic journey into sound. Together with the artwork the puzzle lies ahead to find out what exactly is 'normal'. A tip of the veil; ... there is no one answer. What one considers normal another may disagree on with totally different standards. Or in short; we are all just not normal and we all are! no R mal! Just not Normal has grown to a very well respected netlabel and deserves a monument that will last for always. I want to thank everyone who joined and all that gave inspiration.
Total compilation Length: 52 * tracks by various artists. Total time 5 hours 12 minutes 37 seconds.
Label: Just Not Normal (Netherlands)
NNTS05   "Golden Bang" by V4W.ENKO  

Various - The Best Of NTNS Radio - OctNovDec 2008   (p) 2008  
Fifth in this epic series of outstanding experimental music and closing off the year 2008. Free music.
Total compilation Length: 66 tracks, over 4 hours of music, 4 CD's by various artists.
Label: Not The Normal Shit Radio (Netherlands)