Paper, Plastic, Print Colors, Media;
Physiacal Object, Music Media, Print;
Date of Creation:
periodically since 2011;
Generative, Abstract, Minimalistic;

V4W.ENKO - "Physical editions on FF`Space / First Frequency Space"


Since 2011 V4W.ENKO creates objects of phisical music media at FF`Space label.


The First Frequency Space - a Label for high tuned frequencies in abstract ways to synthetic sounds, visuals and algorithms.
- First Frequency Space - is not a constant conclusion of this platform to the first level of something. But it is an abstract explanation of a feeling of some process direction of continued transformation. The information is like “it was the first wave or it was the first vibration of frequency before the moment when whole transformation was applied” or some kind of emotion like “there was the first oscilation before of something was born”. Feeling is like a “turning face” which could be just one with such a kind of fixed parameters. And in process of perception of transformations this perform again, one Space is replaced by another, with its own First Frequency.
- Frame Fragmented Space is just some abstract space with frames and fragments in between. Each frame in this abstract space could have it`s own fragment`s character after the first frequensy. And each fragment of this space can be divided on sub-frames whose characters automatically become after the First Frequency`s sub-fragments.


Started as subfragment of V4W.ENKO , FF`SPACE is a label and multi-arts organisation based in Kiev, Ukraine. (c) + (p) 2011-2012 FF`SPACE



exibition of the SUBOBRAZ object in PinchukArtCentre museum in Kyiv, Ukraine



An article about the "SUBOBRAZ" project by Ivan Svetlichniy in "Artukraine" magazine


14CIRCLES - Body in White

Sanmi- DX_F

V4W.ENKO - In Formation



Object Idea: Evgeniy Vaschenko
Protoyping: v4w.enko / Artwork, image, drawings: v4w.enko
Concept : Evgeniy Vaschenko



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